Jos Buttler choose to play in the Pakistan T20I series over the IPL

buttler - Jos Buttler choose to play in the Pakistan T20I series over the IPL

In a recent development, the England cricket team players selected for the T20I series against Pakistan had to return home early, missing the crucial IPL 2024 playoffs. This move was aimed at ensuring they are well-prepared for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024. England captain Jos Buttler and all-rounder Sam Curran have shared their perspectives on this decision, emphasizing the importance of international cricket over league commitments.

Jos Buttler’s Viewpoint

Jos Buttler, the captain of the England cricket team, has been vocal about his stance on the scheduling conflicts between international cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL). He believes that international commitments should take precedence, especially when preparing for significant tournaments like the World Cup.

“I think as the England captain, my primary responsibility is to play for England,” Buttler stated. He also expressed that ideally, there shouldn’t be any overlap between international cricket and the IPL. “These matches have been on the calendar for a long time. As we approach a World Cup, the priority is to play for and perform well for England. This series against Pakistan offers the best preparation,” Buttler added.

Support from Sam Curran

Sam Curran echoed Buttler’s sentiments, agreeing with the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) decision to bring the players back. He highlighted the fairness of this move, ensuring all franchises were equally impacted.

“It was probably the right call for all of us to return. It wouldn’t have been fair if some franchises got to keep their players while others didn’t,” Curran noted. He also mentioned the importance of team cohesion, which can only be achieved through playing together consistently. “Jos, our coach Matthew Mott, and the director of cricket Rob Key wanted us back for this series. It makes sense because we need to get used to our roles and play as a team before a major tournament like the World Cup.”

Series Schedule and Preparation

The four-match T20I series against Pakistan is seen as a crucial part of England’s preparation for the T20 World Cup. The series kicks off at Headingley in Leeds on May 22, followed by matches in Birmingham on May 25, Cardiff on May 28, and the Oval in London on May 30. This series provides an excellent opportunity for the team to fine-tune their strategies and build synergy ahead of the World Cup.


The decision for England players to leave the IPL playoffs early underscores the significance of international cricket and the importance of thorough preparation for the T20 World Cup. While the IPL is a prestigious and lucrative league, Buttler and Curran’s statements reflect a strong commitment to national duty and team success on the global stage. The upcoming series against Pakistan will be pivotal in shaping England’s prospects for the World Cup, ensuring they are well-prepared and cohesive as a unit.

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