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The Master Bat Maker at the Sports Man Bazar(SMB) hand-selects each Grade 3 Kashmir willow cricket bat. Our every bat features a unique edge profile that maximizes power on center hits and minimizes power loss off-center. Our bat has a mid-sweet spot that provides excellent ping and a square toe with rounded edges for good pick-up. In addition, Our grade 3 English willow cricket bats also boast a comfortable handle and are priced competitively.

Our Cricket bat made of Kashmir willow features a traditional profile with current specifications. The curved blade offers better directional control on shots, while the higher sweet spot delivers better drive and hook shots. The 12-piece cane handle is durable and provides a comfortable grip. Our bat also comes with a protective full-body cover. 

Our Grade 3 cricket bat is likely to be a slightly higher grade. Our grade 3 cricket bat is still a good bat for your needs. Typically, our Grade 3 English willow cricket bats will have 5 grains, but they might not be perfectly straight. Our bats may have cosmetic blemishes that don’t affect their performance. They’re a workhorse, but they still perform well. Our grade 3 English willow cricket bats are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a cricket bat.

Regarding our bats quality, you should know that the English willow is the gold standard of cricket bats. This type of willow has a higher cost due to its scarcity. Kashmir willow is the cheaper, grade 2 cricket bat, but the quality of English willow is equivalent to grade one. However, Our  English willow is the preferred wood for bats, and grade 1+ will play as well as a grade 3 English willow.

Higher grades are better for younger players and beginners. Our Grade 3 English Willow Cricket Bats are made of hand-selected English willow and designed by a master bat maker for optimum power and minimal power loss on off-center hits. Sports Man Bazar bat’s lower sweet spot delivers better ping. It is perfect for executing crafty stroke play and occasional lofted shots. We present bats with a full-body padded cover and are certified by the ICC.

Our grade 3 English willow cricket bats have outstanding features. The face of the bat is made of three layers of material, which determine its durability. One layer is made of redwood, and the other is white willow. These layers make a bat strong, but they have different characteristics. The first is redwood, which is more complex and denser than the second. Both types are dense and compact, while the second layer of the bat contains more fiber. A higher grain density means a more potent bat.

Besides the grain count, you look at our number of grains. It’s an overrated feature. The number of grains on the face of the cricket bat indicates the age of the willow tree. In the olden days, the older the willow tree, the better quality the bat. But now, this isn’t always the case. Our cricket bat can last longer with fewer grains, but it will take more effort to knock in and play at its best.

We offer bats with good ping and provide more control and power. It’s important to note that a higher-grade willow cricket bat will have a better ping, but this is not always the case. The highest-quality cricket bats can be found in any grade of willow.

Our grade 3 English willow cricket bats’ thickness is 39 mm. Besides, our grade cricket bat is made with the best quality materials. Our high-quality cricket bat will last for years, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome. There’s nothing worse than throwing a lousy shot, hitting a ball, and losing the ball.

The quality of our bat will help you perform better, but it won’t make up for poor skills. Sports Man Bazar offers a cricket bat with a good pickup and ping. It feels perfect in your hand and gives you confidence while playing. It’s also crucial to check the manufacturer’s quality. While some bats might be more expensive than others, they may be worth the price. 

We also offer a bat with a quality feel; consider a speck-free design. The specks on a cricket bat’s face are caused by insects that lay eggs inside the bark of a tree. In the process of feeding, these insects leave behind specks. They are round and easy to detect. The pin knot is a cosmetic defect that won’t affect its performance.

Our grade 3 English willow cricket bats have the best graining and look. We offer six straight grains on the face and may have some redwood at the edge. We also have a good amount of graining and be free from blemishes. Our grade 3 English willow cricket bat is more durable than a grade two.

Our Grade 3 cricket bat usually has five grains on the playing surface and a 50 percent reddish color across the blade. This red color does not affect its performance. Also, it has a minimum of five grains on the playing surface. 

The Ping of a cricket bat describes the ball’s bounce after it strikes the bat. We offer bats with good Ping, allowing you to hit the ball with more power and control. Our Ping is often measured using a cricket bat mallet. It will help you to hear the sound of a bat’s willow with their mallet. While some people assume that higher grades are better, bats with exceptional Ping in any grade of willow can be found here.

Our grade 3 English willow cricket bat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bat that performs better than its counterpart. Our (SMB) bats are the perfect choice for younger players looking to improve their skills in cricket. The weight and grain of our English willow cricket bats vary from six to nine grains. You can buy one of these bats and still have an excellent cricket game.