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Sports Man Bazar (SMB) offers a full cricket kit with all the necessary equipment to play this sport. We offer kits for cricket, including a cricket bat, batting pads, thigh, arm, abdominal guards, helmet, gloves, a leather ball, and a kit bag. 

Our cricket kits for cricket sets are ideal for young players between eleven and thirteen. The contents of our cricket kit bag full set may differ according to the gender of the player. Our cricket set can be an excellent gift for kids or adults who love the game. You can use them for fun or competitive games. 

Moreover, kids will enjoy our cricket kit as a gift for its high quality and durability. Our all cricket sets are also easy to transport and are great for beginners. We also have a mini cricket set for kids. It is portable and includes 1 Cricket Bat, 4 Tickets, 2 Bases, and 2 Bails. Our wind ball can be added to the set if desired.

Our cricket kit bag full set also includes a helmet and protective equipment. The helmet is an essential piece of protective gear, as it protects the player from a bowler’s head while batting. Our helmet is also necessary for people on the field close to the batsman, such as the wicketkeeper. 

Our cricket helmet will protect your head from the shins and head. We have all cricket equipment sets available in various colors so the player can choose the right one based on the occasion.

Our Cricket Kit bag full set is a great choice. We made it with sturdy materials and emphasized convenience and resilience. Our cricket kit online full set comes with all the accessories for cricket play, including batting gloves, thigh and arm guards, and a helmet. 

In addition, our cricket kit full set usually comes with two bat grips. And if you are new to the sport, you can start by buying a cricket kit from a reputable brand. Visit our Sports Man Bazar (SMB) website and buy cricket kit online.

We offer an abdominal guard. An abdominal guard is a must-have cricket kit piece. It protects the player’s ribs from getting hit by the bowler. Our abdominal guard is essential for a new player, as getting hit on the abdomen can be fatal. 

However, it may be challenging to keep the abdominal guard in place. We designed a strap to hold the guard in place. Our piece of cricket kit online is beneficial to newcomers. So, invest in our cricket set.

Our cricket equipment set is not complete without a cricket bat. It is essential for an enthusiastic player. It helps you to improve hand-eye coordination and enhances human motor skills. Our cricket bat is made of quality English willow and is durable. 

Our cricket equipment set is ideal for both backyard and beach play. It is also an ideal gift for a player. Our cricket kit is made of English willow and is safe. In addition to cricket bats, a cricket kit comes with batting pads, gloves, and hardballs.

 Our cricket bag is an essential part of cricket gear, and it will hold all your cricket pads, wicket-keeping kit, and other items. We made it with durable material and featured plenty of room for additional equipment. 

Our exterior comprises two layers, with the bottom layer made of rigid material and solid support rods for a strong and durable shell. Our cricket bag is perfect for all-weather use, including travel.

Our adult cricket bag should have a 92-liter capacity and enough room to store a complete set of cricket gear. There’s no separate compartment for a wicket-keeper’s kit, and the bat must be kept dry. 

Our cricket bag has high-quality wheels and should not have problems transporting your cricket gear over uneven terrain. In addition, our cricket bags have separate compartments for accessories such as helmets and cricket spikes. You can buy cricket kit online from our (SMB) website.

 Our cricket kit comprises a bat, batting pads, and thigh and arm guards. It should also have a pair of cricket gloves and a cricket bag. Our cricket kit is an ideal purchase for a young cricketer. 

If you purchase our cricket bag for yourself, you’ll be able to play cricket with your friends and family for years to come. Our cricket bag kit is made of durable materials. The materials that make up a cricket bag include nylon or PVC, a waterproof material. 

The inside cushioning is made of high-density foam, and the wheels are made of synthetic material. We also offer maximum protection against bumps and abrasions. Our cricket bag is the perfect cricket kit for a new player.

Our cricket kit includes several essential pieces of protective equipment. Our abdominal guard is one of the most important pieces of cricket gear. It protects the ribs when facing fast bowlers. It can also help you avoid injuries due to short deliveries. 

If you’re new to cricket, it might be challenging to put on the abdominal guard. The abdominal strap can help you hold the abdominal guard properly. It’s a must-have for every cricket player.

Our Cricket bag features multiple pockets for additional storage. 

One of the pockets has an inner mesh lining, which is perfect for cricket balls. Our Cricket bag has many clever features, including two valuables pockets. One extends when the bag is on the back, making it easier to access. 

Our pack also features two batting sections and two separate pockets, which are well-padded and hidden. If you have a lot of equipment, you can place them in one of the side pockets. If you want to buy cricket kit online, it’s essential to make sure that you accept the right equipment for your child’s age and skill level. 

Our Cricket kits include essential cricket gear. Our cricket gear varies depending on the level of experience. Beginners should buy our cricket studs, while professionals need spikes. Once you have decided what type of cricket kit to purchase, you can visit and buy it on our Sports Man Bazar (SMB) website. We have all kinds of cricket stationery with reasonable prices.