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Sports Man Bazar (SMB) offers many great options. We even provide bats that match your child’s uniform. A bright lime green color, embossed 3D stickers, and a reversed scale handle make it a hit with young players. 

While Our bats are affordable, they’re surprisingly heavy. For those who want a more durable bat, we also offer our hardball bats that are suitable for beginners.Our Power bat is an ideal choice for young batters. Made of English willow, this bat has a beautiful sticker on top.  

It’s also lightweight so that young players can handle it well. It’s also graded by BAS and comes with a carrying case. And it doesn’t hurt to have a few of these around the house for easy storage. Whether your child plays baseball for the first time or is a seasoned veteran, they’ll love our high-quality junior hardball bats.

One of Sports Man Bazar’s most famous cricket bats is the CA Plus 12000. Our six-plus straight grain bat has a well-crafted sweet spot. The 2020 edition styled sticker makes our bat even more attractive. 

Our CA Plus 12000 is a popular choice with many emerging batters. It’s also lightweight, and its balanced shape makes it easy for young cricketers to swing the bat. You’re looking for a baseball bat for your youngster, and you’ve probably heard of the CA Junior Hard Ball Bats. 

Our bats can be a good choice for many reasons, from being lightweight and durable to offer a significant performance boost. But before you purchase, here are some of our high-quality bats. Our CA 20K Morgs Edition Junior Cricket Bat is a lightweight bat that provides maximum power and protection. 

It features a large sweet spot and a complete profile. Our bat also has a padded cover and a gray and white sticker design. Our bat comes with a free padded cricket bat bag. It is ideal for the younger player and comes with a warranty.

We designed it for juniors by renowned cricketer Eion Morgan. Our bat has a super-best English willow construction and is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of international players. It features a huge sweet spot and 40mm edges, and nine+ straight grains. 

It is also adorned with creative stickers that are embossed on the handle. Its 3D effect is a great touch when hitting the ball.Our CA sports bat is one of the best-selling cricket bats among young aspiring cricketers. 

We made it with assorted English willow clefts with a sky blue logo on the handle. Compared to other bats in the same category, our bat is lighter and is an ideal go-to product for tournaments. It also has a double-colored camo grip, which makes it a good choice for younger players.

The CA Plus 10000 cricket bat is used by Bangladeshi cricketer Tamim Iqbal. It has a solid design, robust profile, and excellent pick-up. It is a great option for orthodox stroke-makers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for unmatched performance. 

It is also available in a smaller size for more minor children. Our Sports Man Bazar (SMB) has a suitable collection of cricket bats for players.Our CA PLUS 15000 junior hardball bats are a classic in cricket and are made of 6+ grains of English willow. 

Our bat is part of the premium range of cricket bats offered by CA Sports and features an attractive dagger back sticker with gold aesthetics. It is fitted with Glass Protek Technology for improved performance and features a matching embroidered designer cover. 

The grip is the classical fish scale style with anti-slip properties and a low-mid swell sweet spot. Our bat’s profile is ideal for front foot shots and is designed to make the most of it. Our CA PLUS 15000 cricket bat has a massive edge profile and is constructed of the finest grade 1 English willow. 

Our bat also features extra meat in the middle for optimal power and balance. Lastly, the bat is equipped with Toe Guards to prevent unwanted moisture from getting into the bat. So if your little one plays the game with an attractive cricket bat, they’re sure to have success. 

Our excellent cricket bat is a significant investment for any kid. Our CA PLUS 3000 Junior Hard Ball Bats are beautifully designed to mimic the profile of former Pakistani cricket team captain Shoaib Malik. 

Our bats have a significant 38-40mm edge, a high 65mm spine, and a factory-fitted CA embossed toe guard. We offer excellent pickup, feel light in hand, and are balanced well. Our CA cricket bats are designed to provide ultimate balance and control. You can’t beat the value for money of our cricket bats.

Sports Man Bazar ( SMB) offers CA Plus 5000 cricket bats, an excellent option for beginners and mid-level players looking for value and performance. Our product’s strong profile and exceptional playability give the batsman freedom and control. 

It’s ideal for players who like to play across the entire ground. Our bat is suitable for both cricket beginners and those who are more experienced in the game. For more information, visit our whole Sports Man Bazar ( SMB) website.

Our CA POWER Junior Hard Ball Bats are the perfect choice for young aspiring baseball players. We made it from English willow. It features a beautiful sticker on top. Our bat is lightweight; a durable rubber grip also provides extra grip. 

Our lightest bat will not necessarily make a player hit the ball farther, while a heavy one will sabotage their swing. Our bats are especially true for juniors, as too light a bat will limit the player’s potential. Compared to pickup, weight is an essential factor. 

If you’re looking for a cricket bat for your youngster, you’ve come to the right place. Our CA Somo Junior cricket bat is made from English willow and features a power profile. It also has a toe guard and clear face tape.

CA SOMO junior cricket bats have been specially designed for young players. Their broad, flat blades are made of grade 5 or 6 air-dried English willow, while their curved faces are smooth and clean. 

Our bats have a natural grip and are suitable for 171 cm and over players. Our bat weight range is between 880g and ten hundred grams. We offer it in sizes SH and H. If you are interested in buying a cricket bat for your child, We have some great models. 

We designed our bats specifically for younger players and came with all of the features of the adult versions. We have incredible varieties; visit our Sports Man Bazar website and choose the best model you want.